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Customs Clearance



Customs Clearance

From January 2021, in order to fulfil the import process, all traders will need to ensure they have:

  • A GB Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number before moving their goods

  • The Commodity Code of their goods – needed to make a customs declaration and calculate duties on an import

  • The customs value of goods – needed to make a customs declaration and calculate duties on an import

HM Revenue & Customs have communicated with thousands of traders that they should

ACT Now to Avoid Disruption

It’s essential that you immediately appoint a specialist to handle your import and export declarations or take the necessary steps to be ready to do them yourself.  This is vital to help avoid disruption to your business.  Customs declarations are complicated and time consuming.  Most businesses will need professional support to complete import and export declarations.


We are expecting a high demand for these services from January 2021 onward.

It is in your best interest to speak to the experts now.



ACT provides a 365 24/7 Customs Clearance service to ensure your shipments move efficiently through UK ports


ACT uses the latest technology managed by highly experienced personnel


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365 24/7 Customs Clearance



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We are partnered with an industry leading Consultancy to help both us, and you understand Trade and Customs processes and requirements.

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